Valhalla Environmental Consulting Services

Valhalla¬†Consulting provides consulting expertise in: environmental assessment and permitting; environmental monitoring and restoration; contaminated sites and land remediation; forestry and wildfire management; and mapping and modelling. ¬†Within these fields our Principal’s are specialized in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments, biophysical and sensitive species inventories, wildlife conservation and management planning, wildfire risk analysis, community wildfire protection planning, ecosystem restoration, prescribed burn planning and prescriptions and brownfield throught to greenfield land remediation.

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  • Environmental Assessment and Permitting

  • Contaminated Sites and Remediation

  • Forestry and Wildfire Management

  • Mapping and Modelling

We Specialize In

  • Riparian Areas Regulation

    Our Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) will help you: determine the required streamside setback, design your project to minimize riparian areas impacts, identify potential mitigation or compensation measures, and engage local and regional government officials on your behalf.

  • Phase 1 / Stage 1

    Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessement (ESA) is a method used to assist in determining potential environmental liabilities due to contamination on a site or property. This process involves a detailed review of land uses and history including a site visit, record searches, personal interviews and the evaluation of related information and reporting.

  • UAV Services

    We offer project scale, site specific air photos, near-infrared imagery, data treated imagery such as normalized differential vegetation index (NDVI), and 3D surface modelling to collect near-realtime, high resolution imagery data.

  • Impact Assessment

    Valhalla Environmental Consulting will design and implement an assessment approach tailored to your specific site location and required regulatory approvals.

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