Valhalla Environmental Consulting Services


Valhalla is committed to providing ecofriendly, client focused solutions. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients while benefitting the environment in a timely and effective manner.


Valhalla Environmental Consulting Inc. is here to offer a wide variety of consulting services in a variety of areas including: Environmental Assessment and Permitting; Environmental Monitoring and Restoration; Contaminated Sites and Land Remediation; Forestry and Wildfire Management; and Mapping and Modelling. Our experts are specially trained in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments, Biophysical and Sensitive Species Inventories, Wildlife Conservation and Management Planning, Wildfire Risk Analysis, Community Wildfire Protection Planning, Ecosystem Restoration, Prescribed Burn Planning and Prescriptions and Brownfield through to Greenfield Land Remediation.


Environmental Assessment and Permitting focusses mainly on vegetation and wildlife management issues. In general, these services involve one or more of the following:  conducting site inventories, mapping and/or modelling species occurrences and habitats, performing impact assessments as required by local/regional/federal governments, and identifying impact mitigations. Valhalla’s expertly trained staff can help you identify which services you require to assist your project approval.


Environmental monitoring and restoration services include a wide variety.  Construction environmental monitoring ensures environmental regulations are met throughout the length of your project. Erosion and sediment control and site restoration plans provide site management of potentially destructive flows to surface water and help return the ecological function to a project site. Groundwater monitoring and mitigation monitoring can ensure compliance with regulations and project goals. Fire effects monitoring and reporting will monitor post burn conditions for review and action plan development. Weed management plans are developed for control of noxious and invasive plant species. Slope stabilization employs bioengineering to create a living slope retention system providing the benefit of stability and increased ecological function.


Contaminated site assessment, investigation and remediation management services are at the core of our Contaminated Sites and Land Remediation services. Commonly these services are used on commercial properties prior to acquisition, sale, divestiture, lease or financing. Anywhere soil, water, groundwater or soil vapour contamination are a concern these services are available.


Negative ecological effects are on the rise in our forests including forest fuel accumulations, forest disease and insect outbreaks as well as unstable wildlife populations. With our Forestry and Wildfire Management services we can take steps in the right direction to reduce the fire behaviour and potential negative impacts on the ecosystem. Our strategies will allow natural ecological benefits of wildfire to take place with less or no consequence.


Valhalla Environmental provides are variety of modelling and mapping services to tailor to your needs. UAV Aerial Photo Surveys; Environmentally Sensitive Area Mapping; Wildlife Habitat Mapping and Modelling; Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) and Classification; Wildfire Predictive Mapping; General GIS; Mapping and Spatial Analysis are among these services. Valhalla can meet your needs and exceed your expectations with site and project specific aerial photographs, near infrared imagery and 3D terrain modelling. We can measure plant health and vigour for the agriculture and forestry industries using Normalized Differential Vegetation Indices (NVDI). Our mapping products may be integrated with wide area mapping already available to provide a greater level of project specific detail.