Environmental Assessment and Permitting

Valhalla’s Environmental Assessment and Permitting activities focus primarily on vegetation and wildilfe management issues. In general, assessment and permitting activities involve one or more of the following: conducting site inventories, mapping and/or modelling species occurences and habitats, preforming impact assessments as required by local, regional or federal governments, and identifying impact mitigations. The personnel at Valhalla Environmental Consulting can help you identify which of the following services are required to assist with your project approvals.

Valhalla Environmental Consulting provides Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessment services for Okanagan and interior BC clients applying for development permits.


Riparian Areas Assessments

Enacted under the Provincial Fish Protection Act, the Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) specifies methods required to determine development setback distances from watercourses/bodies that contain fish or are directly connected to fish bearing waters. If your development activity occurs within 30 m of a stream or waterbody, one of our Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) will help you: determine the required streamside setback, design your project to minimize riparian areas impacts, identify potential mitigation or compensation measures, and engage local and regional government officials on your behalf.



Environmental Impact Assessment

Regulatory approval process planning occcurs at the local government, provincial (BCEAA, AEPEA) and federal (CEAA) levels. Any one of these governments may require the preparation of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to determine the magnitude of impact a proposed project is likely to have on the natural environment.  If your project triggers an EIA, Valhalla Environmental Consulting will design and implement an environmental assessment approach tailored to your specific site location and required regulatory approvals.



Agricultural Landscaping Capability

Agricultural Capability assessments are often required for Agricultural Land Reserve ALR land inclusions, exclusions or subdivision. Valhalla Environmental Consulting can assess the site soils and agricultural capability to classify an ALR parcel at the site level.