UAV Aerial Mapping and Modelling

Valhalla Environmental Consulting provides project specific, and stand alone modelling and mapping services including: UAV Aerial Photo Surveys; Environmentally Sensitive Area Mapping; Wildlife Habitat Mapping & Modelling; Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) & Classification; Wildfire Predictive Mapping; General GIS, Mapping & Spatial Analysis. As well, we can generate site and project specific aerial photographsnear infra red imagery, and 3D Terrain modelling. With the application of the Normalized Differential Vegetation Indices NDVI we can measure plant health and vigour for the agriculture and forestry industries. Our mapping products may be integrated with wide area mapping already available to provide a greater level of project specific detail in a regional context.



UAV Imaging

Valhalla Environmental provides UAV  (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) arial mapping and modelling captured aerial photography and data processing services.  We offer project scale, site specific air photos, near-infrared imagery, data treated imagery such as normalized differential vegetation index (NDVI), and 3D surface modelling. Valhalla uses an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology to collect near-realtime, high resolution imagery data.

This technology is being applied to: monitor plant and crop health for orchards and viticulture; generate 3D surface modelling and volumetric analysis for mining, aggregate and industrial sites; generate current data for habitat mapping, modelling, civil engineering projects and archaeological projects; Produce terrain mapping of wind power modelling projects; emergency situation support for flooding or fires.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology has enabled safe access to: site specific, near real-time aerial imagery; data treatment options that complement and integrate into GIS and drafting systems; and provides cost effective analysis methods that employ high resolution imagery. The flight path is GPS controlled making the operation precise and repeatable for seasonal or annual monitoring, updates or reporting.

Valhalla is integrating this technology into our ongoing consulting projects where suitable and offering stand alone aerial imagery solutions, GIS and data treatments and modelling.

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